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2.3 carbed turbo blow thru 2bbl

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sounds like a good plan, i am currently building a 2.3 turbo motor from a 79 mustang pace car to put in my 78 bobcat wagon, basically the same set up you are looking to do. good luck

Regardless of what someone who likes to fiddle around and be different achieves (hey I get it, I like to do that too) an EFI setup over a blow through carb setup is just so much more practical. If it is being done for personal accomplishment - great. But otherwise if it is being done because one has "some" of the parts and they think it will be cheaper..., I doubt it. The "price" of difficulty and frustration may not be worth it.

I have tried both , EFI is the way to go if you can , but you can use the blow through but it has its share of problem ,  on the cheep a zoop through worked the best on the cheep , but you must use a turbo that has the seals for vacume on the carb side , did some early ones in the late 70s , later when the first turbo 2.3 in the mustang came out , worked at the ford dealer back then , those work kind of well for what they were ,  got to remember that they had to pass smog and last long enough to be out of warranty , they had a few issues but taken care of if you knew what to do , one was they were too lean and turning up the boost would blow head gaskets or melt pistons , the stock turbo 79 to 80 had forged 9 to 1 ratio pistons , the later 94 up efi had 8 to 1 , better head gasket , the turbo carb was specal , it had a remote power valve to keep the engine from leaning out too much when in boost , they mounted the carb on the intake side between the turbo very close to cut down turbo lag , I still stumble across these that are still running , a good test that the old 2.3 is a very good engine ,


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