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2.3 carbed turbo blow thru 2bbl

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Blow thru and 'on a budget' are two diametrically opposed things........'re only making it harder.

when I first swapped my red pinto I did the swap to fuel injected turbo 5sp complete for less than 500 bucks....I  had a whole car to pluck parts from....

You may want to go over to Turbo and check out Joe Laramee

He has 2 pintos both are blow through turbo 4 cylinders

His "street" car is running 9 second quarters

His "race" car is running low 8's

It is a cool page as well

If I were doing this I would find an EFI Turbo engine and bolt the proper Carb stuff to it

The EFI engine has forged internals and is already a very tough engine

Good luck

that is what I am currently trying to build have a 85-86 tc motor, and going to use the head off my 78 wagon and the intake and exhaust off the 79 2.3t mustang. its been a slow process due to funds and time right now but just gathering all the parts is half the fun!! just picked up a roller cam for my head a week ago!!

good luck with your build!!!


--- Quote from: ryan1 on April 18, 2012, 10:35:45 PM ---i have build many turbo set-up on fuel injected cars/trucks, ranging from fmu set-ups to megasquirts, small turbos to big turbos,ect,ect but never a carbed one.

--- End quote ---

Then why start with a carburetor now? I would (or would have in 2012 when this thread started) get an MS-I v2.2 kit for ~$150 and go with a blow-through TBI setup on the stock (or similar) intake. I might do that myself with an MSII v3.0 just because I already have the ECU.

A new fuel pump is going to be necessary either way and, IMO, EFI does everything a carburetor can, only a lot better. You ought to have a wideband O2 sensor for tuning regardless of the induction, so factor in $200 for that whether you use a carb or EFI.


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