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2.3 carbed turbo blow thru 2bbl

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 im surprised there is so much love for the draw thru, anyone on here running a blow thru?
im still undecided on which style i will run, but still leaning towards blow thru.

also i have heard some guys that run the holley 350 2bbl with a blowthru set-up (not necessarily 2.3's but other motors 4's and 6 cylinders) seem to have had good results, i do have a 2150a carb (369cfm) its from a 1982 stang 5.0 4 speed, that is a nother option.

anyone else do blowthru on motorcraft carb?

A buddy of mine in So.Tx. has a 350 Holley bt with a
6 speed behind his 2.3T. It works well(over 400 last time
I talked to him.).

jeff simmons:
Yes, I,m running a blow thru with a 350 holley It runs very well,excellrates very smooth. I'm just running a stock fuel pump so It will starve for fuel when your boost gets up over 3# for very long. From a stop light It will run with a mustang in 1st gear and part of 2 second before it staves for fuel. After the stampede i'm going boost reference the stock fuel pump just to see how much it helps for now. My set up came from an 85 turbo coupe. I relocated the batery,had to cut a little of the inner fender for the turbo, I drilled a hole in the oil pan and welded a 1/8 in.plate with a 1/2 in. pipe fitting over the hole for the oil return line. Then I made my own hat to cover the carb. then run a piece of radiator hose between the turbo and carb. I didn't ask anyone for advice because most would say It wouldn't work well I'm glad I tried it. And right now i'm getting 27mpg. Oh I wouldn't be afraid to use the motorcraft.

If you don't have the money to do a blow thru correcty, then you don't have the money to replace the engine when you burn it down, if your lucky you'll melt a plug or pop the head gasket. Not trying to big an azz, I just want you to know your asking for trouble going cheap with a blow through. You'll need a EFI pump, a boost ref. regulator, and a fuel return system.

I wouldn't trust a stock fuel pump to 5 psi, and that's with it boost ref.


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