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I have a 73 runabout got .30 over pistons for my 2.0  and thinking about running a turbo from a turbo coupe.good idea or bad idea?

Depends on how well you know what you're doing.

That's the problem I have no idea what I'm doing.ive never had a turbo motor

Your honesty probably saved you a bunch of grief.  The most advisable method to running a turbo motor is to transplant from one of the 2.3 turbo cars (using a whole donor car).  65Shelby Clone is in the process on doing one now and you can follow his work (on page 4 now).  A search will show other as well.

 I did the 2.3 turbo swap in my 2.0 '73 wagon.  Here is my two part write up.

How much fun is it driving with the 2.3 turbo?


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