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1979 Turbo Pinchero project

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Man I love seeing that written out. So here's the plan race fans. I Picked up this peach of a 1979 Wagon that has had a minor custom body modification, a-la mini ranchero. Now while it's cooler than all Heck seeing every car guy/girl and such try to contort their minds around what it actually is before asking me, I want to give it that extra punch, and make it go really fast. Or at least as fast as I can without much more major body modification. (I'm not the world's best at bodywork.) I had a 1979 Trunk model and harbored ideas to drop a turbo 2.3 into it, but when this thing came up, I just had to have it. Even traded the coupe off to get a 1985 turbo coupe thunderbird as a donor car. So I guess this will be my project journal, as it where. Here's a couple of pictures of the cars and the work I have ahead of me.

That is a very nice, very unique pinto... very cool.

74 PintoWagon:
That is very cool..

It looks like whoever did that really knew what they were doing.
Very Nice!

The Pinchero conversion looks like quality workmanship... should make a GREAT project!

Dwayne :)


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