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2.3 front sump oil pan
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74 Driver side Wagon Fender, 74 driver side Door, Nice Wheels

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Wanted Type 9 5spd Transmission
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75 wagon need parts
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72 Pinto racecar, 2.3 ARCA engine, Quaife trans
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WANTED: Skinny Rear Bumper w/o guards for '71 or '72 Pinto Coupe
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Wanted hood hinges
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06 Nov 2010 - 1971 Automotive History and Options

1971 Automotive History and Options

1971 Fords Overview

The complete restyling of two model lines and the introduction of the subcompact Pinto line characterized 1971, a year which, also saw the end of two Ford trademarks. The Fairlane was dropped, along with the 'FE' series, big block V8 engine. The Fairlane name ceased to exist with the end of the 1970 model year and the big block engine, in 390 and 428 cubic inch sizes, was gradually phased out during the production run. It was replaced by a new 400 cubic inch 'Cleveland' V8 and the 429 cubic inch V8.

Pinto Series

The Pinto was the new subcompact offering, built to compete with the imports and domestic subcompacts. It came only as a two door sedan at first. Standard equipment included ventless door windows, highback slim line bucket seats, all vinyl upholstry, two pod intrument cluster, glove box, interior dome light, floor mounted transmission controls, rack and pinion steering, heater, DirectAire Ventilation system and 6.00 x 13 Rayon blackwall tires. In mid season a three door Runabout was added to the Pinto line. Its standard equipment was the same as above, plus fold down rear seat with load floor color keyed carpeting and passenger compartment color keyed carpeting.

Emission controls are on their way up, horsepower is on its way down, and muscle cars are on their way out.

The Ford Pinto and Chevrolet Vega are launched.

General Motors leads the shift to unleaded gas and maintenance-free batteries.

The Kia Service Corporation is established in Korea. Kia introduces a four-wheel cargo truck.

1971 Options

1971 STANDARD: ventless door windows; high back, slim line bucket seats; all vinyl upolstery; 2 pod intrument cluster; glovebox; intertior dome light; floor mounted transmission controls; rack&pinion steering; hot water heater; Direct-Aire Ventilation system; and 6.00 X 13 rayon blackwall tires. 

MID-SEASON a 3-door runabout was added to the line-up which had the same standard equipment PLUS fold-down rear seat with load floor color-keyed carpeting & passenger compartment color-keyed carpeting. 

98 cid/1600 cc 
75 HP @ 5000 rpm (British built) 
8.4:1 compression 
5 main bearings 
Serial # code: "W" 

NOTE: Pintos used the same serial number sequence as the full-sized Fords, Torinos and Mavericks. 

engine: ($50) 
122 cid/2000cc 
100 HP @ 5600 rpm (German built) 
9.0:1 comp 
5 main bearings 
Carb: Ford/Weber 2 bbl 
Serial # code: "X" 

Cruise-O-Matic transmission ($175) 
AM Radio ($61) 
Chrome window moldings ($60) 
White sidewall tires ($33) 

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