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29 Oct 2007 - The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

The Hollow was a town of darkness and need..
cursed by decades of egos and speed
¬ It's roads were cryptic, twisty and near tantric..
causing all residents to exist in a panic!
For every year near All Hallows Eve, many would see..
a Headless Horseman riding the streets, laughing with glee!
His steed was shiny and swift, snorting with rage..
as it cleared its pipes along the roadside foliage.
The Horseman was insane you see, his head clear gone..
in¬ its place was a pumpkin , 8 inches locker , and 4 holes¬ done.
He held the road by defiance of all physics and matter...
his steed left black streaks with commotion and clatter.
Many had failed and then met their maker..
as they lost the battle to this pink slip taker.
So, Beware all you followers of sin and road vice...
lest he blow off your doors, head , and then cook your rice!
Sinisterically yours,
The Pintosopher ...

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