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14 Aug 2010 - Santa’s Solution

Santa’s Solution “Twas a month before Christmas,and things sure did look bleak … Rudolph and the gang, well, they’d been hung over for a week! Santa and the elves had deep furrows in their brows… Thinking they might have to make do with cows! For surely, the ‘deer couldn’t be whipped into shape… ‘specially after consuming so much nectar o’ the grape! So the minds were a clashing and grinding, a lookin’ for a source… To get those toys delivered on time, as was the usual course! When over in the corner, underneath a car cover… An apprentice elf did spy, the answer to the dilemma, as if seeing a new lover! He proclaimed to the fat guy “ I’ve got it, of course!” “Let’s do it with wheels, and start with this horse!” Now the whole room turned to gaze on the Pinto, unused for two decades… ”Ah, With this load,it’ll never pull the grades!” But the fat guy winked, and said “ Not so fast!” “I know a few tricks, that’ll kick up the blast!” So off to the shop, the large one did go, and returned with the Scrolls titled “How not to go Slow!” It seemed like the whole place had gone crazy, As they debated the ways to get the power off the term “Lazy” So the great one,finally had to compromise… He went for Boost and control, and didn’t tell any lies. The end result,you may yet get to see … If you look to the evening sky at a quarter to three! For the bearded one is out doin’ test runs… As we sleep under the covers, warm as hot cross buns. Oh, “What’ll happen to the ‘deer?”, you might want to say… They’re doing fine, racin’ for pink slips, this very day!

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