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UFOSteVieZ- has passed away

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For all you guys that have read or talked to UFOSteVieZ about his cruisin wagon project,he will no longer be able to discuseĀ  about his car.Steve passed away Monday night.Steve has been a very good friend of mine for the past 8 years.His c/w was the very first project car that he bought.We talked at length about what he wanted to do with it,and was very excited about it.He will be missed by every one who knew him.

i'm so sorry to hear that, is there anything we as a community can do? He was also a Charter Member. My condolences to you and his family.  Jeff

Hey there , Im so sorry to hear.
 I hope that the family and you will be ok in the coming years. My Gosh he was only 43 ? Wow life is too short.  :(
May the Good Lord Bless you all in coping with your loss.

Hey Harley,
 What happened??? Was Steve sick? WOW that really brings me down. :'(
From Pintony

Truly a sad day indeed, for us here on the board, as well as the "old guys" from Ohio. I didn't know Steve well , but what work we saw spoke volumes about the man. He will be missed. :'(


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