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UFOSteVieZ- has passed away

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I am truely sorry to hear that harley. Please tell his family that our prayers are with them at this time and if we can do anything for them just let us know.

A great loss. I just met Steve a month or so ago when he came down to buy a steering wheel. He was very excited about his CW project. Sad to see him go.

Oh, wow, I'm so sorry to hear that. Was he having complications? Things like this really tear a hole in my heart. :'( I, too, wish the best for you and his family. God Bless Steve and us all.

Scott Hamilton:


I really don't know what to say, Jeff pointed me to this thread, I missed your post until now,

Steve & I were emailing back n forth for several weeks & it just stopped.... Now I know.

He was a fantastic guy!

Let me know if can help in ANY way.

Hey Jeff.We laid Steve to rest on Monday. Steve's wife Linda has been the hospital herself for the last three weeks.She has had cancer surgery.She is doing fine.There were 16 members of the United Ford Owners club that they were members of at the funeral. At the cemetery,as we left we each rev ed are engines in his oner.There were two Pintos in the presestion.


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