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Mel Tillis and Charles Manson pass on the same day. One will be missed, the other will spend an eternity in hell. RIP Mel! Go to hell Manson!


Ironically both were/considered themselves to be - musicians.  83, Manson spent a long time in "prison paradise" before he moved on to serve his longer than life sentence in a "warm climate."

A VERY warm climate as best described by Dante's "Inferno". I'm sure Manson will go to the very last level.

Just saw on the inter net that Manson grandson is going to bury him if the feds will let him. What a terrible thing being Manson's grandson and knowing everyone will know about it. Let hope it makes him stronger and not an outcast. The time of Manson's evil deeds are now over and his family should not suffer any more.


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