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On jan13th of 2002 a very dear friend of mine was killed when he was hit head on in his 75 runabout..this car was in his family since it was new when his father bought it ..the car had over 300k on got passed from his sister in college to his older brother who thought it was not a cool a cousin for 2 years and finally him ..drove it everywhere he went to daytona in it about 9 times..we used to go to the local drag strip and race em his stock 75 4-auto and my 4-4 spd...and man do i miss those days

Dear yeahitsnotahem i:

Thank you for the memory of your friend.  If you would like, you might want to give
his name and any other information.  There might be some others out there that
would remember you and your friend when you all went to Daytona.

Best Regards,


his name was jesse mathews he drove a baby poop green 75 hatchback.. had it not been for that accident we would both be driving those cars today..mine was a red 1980...only thing i miss more than that car is my buddy..

Scott Hamilton:
Can you post pictures of him & teh car,

Sorry for your loss,

The only known pictures of him and the car together his mother has..the only pics of me and him together at the drag strip his ex wife torched them after they divorced..i wasnt much of a picture taker but man he was


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