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Lee Iacocca dead at 94


One cannot be involved in the management of a Ford Pinto site and not acknowledge the passing of Ford icon Lee Iacocca.  While he is generally recognized as the Father of the Ford Mustang and the Saviour of Chrysler, he was also the driving force behind the development and marketing of our beloved Pintos.  In fact, the Pinto was referred to internally at Ford as "Lee's car".  It is safe to say that no one here's life has been unaffected by Lee Iacocca!  Rest in peace, sir.

Scott Hamilton:
Ditto...  main article going up on the front page in a few...


Thanks so much for posting his photo, etc. on the front page.  He was SUCH a driving force in the American automotive industry for decades!  It's hard to think of anyone who contributed as much, except perhaps Henry Ford himself and Virgil Exner.  I do believe if there was more hands-on management, Iacocca-style, in car manufacturing today, we'd have a far better selection of vehicles from which to choose than we have today.  I know it's all profit-driven now but you can make a profit AND a distinctive, useful, and enjoyable car.  Mr. Iacocca demonstrated that both with Ford and Chrysler.



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