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Hi Folks:

I would like to suggest the following.  UFOSteVieZ recently passed away
and I know all of us will miss him even though some of us didn't know
him very well.  However, he loved his Pinto in his own way just like the
rest of us love ours.  I suggest that we make a new heading something like
"In Memory Of" and in this section we provide data and pictures of our
fellow Pinto friends that have passed on.  This way we can remember our
friends in a positive light.


Scott Hamilton:

Will create it now,

Harley, can you post some pics of Steve & his car, some words, ....

Scott Hamilton:
Done, & I have made you a moderator of this board...

Hi Scott:

Thanks for the new board.  Hope we don't have to use it very often.


I'll try and get some picks and get them posted.


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