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In Memory of: Tom Peden


A select few on this forum might reconize that name as it is associated with the former Tom Peden Country, a large GM and Dodge dealership in Ripley, WV. I associate the name with a great family friend that was lost to cancer at the age of 60 Tuesday (1/19). Tom was a great businessman and supporter of his community, and an all around great guy...just one more great person that I know of lost to cancer. He built his car dealership from the ground up and worked hard all the way, but never letting work get in the way of his family, church, or community. He recently fell under hard times with the auto industry and sold the business last year, only to see retirement through the eyes of poor health.

He will be loved and missed by the community and by my family as we have had close personal ties with him for a long while; my father was employed by Tom for many years, but was a friend long before the employment.

Rest in peace Tom.



We thank you for the kind words about Tom Peden.  We should all appreciate those
around us each day since life is truly uncertain.



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