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Well, we lost Farrah on Thursday. While her passing was eclipsed by Jacko's death she herself was an icon and from what I understand was a great lady. It's been so long since I saw a Charlie's Angels episode (like 20 plus years!) so I don't remember what she drove in the show but I watched it BECAUSE of the cars the ladies drove. She went on to the big screen and beyond but she's best remembered for C.A. and her cool hair. She's at peace now and no longer suffering.  Sleep Little Willow...

She drove a white Mustang II Cobra with blue stripes.  Kate Jackson's character had an orange Pinto, and Jaqueline Smith's character drove a beige Mustang II (I think a Ghia - trunk model).

The man who worked for "Charlie" (I forget his name) had a 77 or 78 Thunderbird.  I forget the colour of that one.

Nice cars indeed, all of them.

Thank you OCPierre! Any show that had my favorite cars in it was a favorite show.  ;D

I'm sorry to see her not getting the respect and recognition for all she did during her lifetime. All because Michael Jackson Passed away on the same day. No disrespect intended towards him at all, but she deserves some attention as well.

Rest In Peace Farrah.

Yeah... Jacko got most of the front page while Farrah was alotted a wallet-sized pic towards the bottom.  >:(


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