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Yay Pinto's at


They finally added a section for Pinto's at, ok the site sucks... but meh! The car is being recognized.

heres mine:

love the mixed comments :o

Some of those comments look like they are just trying to make you mad. I think you and the other members handled them well.
I also have an 8 track player. I dont have any 8 tracks though. Good idea putting the modern radio in the glove box.
Did you put new(?) floor pans in? Mine are going to need a transplant.
Ill have to check that site out when I get more time.

That's a cool sight! Your car looks cool! You wont be the only Pinto on there I just  joined.


P.s are you from Canada?

no, orignal floor pans, just covered up with rust treatment stuff...

and Im from California.

The 8-track player isnt currently hooked up atm, need a switch to have it and the cd player work at the same time. It's all show baby!


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