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Worried Swap.


I am seriously considering putting a 302 in my '79 Pinto now what am I getting into? How Long will it take 2 Guys to drop it in? What Tranny Should I use? Will I have to Beef up the Frame Change and/or the Rear end?  Also Just wondering if anybody knows what a relatively stock Pinto w/ a 302 Runs.?

I put a 302 down in my 79,it will probably take a good weekend drop in and get everything hooked up.I used a 4-speed tranny from a V-8 Mustang II,with a stock 302 you shouldnt have to worry about beefing the frame up at all,now the rearend that's another story unless you have a 8 inch rear already or you will have to drive it nice.As far as what a stock 302 Pinto will run I would say high 13's at best depending on the motor.


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