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What reactions to your Pinto do you get?

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I pulled into a gas station and a guy pumping gas on the other side of the island stopped and came over. He said he hasnt seen a Pinto in years. Pintos are few and far between here in the NorthEast. He talked about a panel cruiser that one of his friends had.

Seems like everyone has owened a Pinto or knew someone that did. Most of the time the comments are great. I here a lot of "I beat that car and it just kept on going".  ;D

What have you heard?  

Man I hear that same stuff all the time! I even had a guy walk into my garage when I was working on mine and start yapping about a pinto that his parents once had.
The best is when I am sitting at a stop light and some punk pulls up beside me and I can tell that he is smiling and talking about my Pinto. Then the light turns green and I see his face change VERY my rearview mirror. ;D

I was talking about trying to find a cruisin' wagon one morning, and this guy told me a few stories about one he had back in the 80's, Everyone I know seems to have a funny story or memory involving one.  When I show most people my car, theyre surprised mostly by the shape its in for being in the back yard for as long as it has.

Everyone I run across always tells me "So and so had one like that..." Funniest thing I ever heard was some Rice boy coming up to me and asking what kinda car it was, and after I replied it was a Pinto, he asked me if it was made by AMC!

Scott Hamilton:
Yea, I had one young kid say "Nice car Dude, what is it?"..

We have got to be old farts if kids don't know what a Pinto is!

Any body have any Geratol?


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