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Very Old "someone has replied" emails showed up???

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Anyone else get a number of "someone has replied" emails? It was eleven to be exact. The date were from 5-25-2021 to 6-5-2021.

Yep I got a few today. A couple times to be exact on the same threads.

Yep, I JUST got another one and it was about some Innosilicon product that seemed like a hack a while back.

A little later, I got two more.

I turned off my notifications. .., I think. Hopefully they will stop.

Nope, I thought I turned off notifications. .., but I got another. Fourth separate time. The original eleven came when I turned on in the AM, but they were all in row. I'll keep updating if/when they roll in. Any sure way of shutting off notification for ALL topics?

Below are the "old" email notifications that have rolled in when I got up this morning until just past noon.

Yet another.

And another (The Innosilicon product email has shown up about 3-4 times now).

6:15 PM PDT And another..., 5 minutes later another two came in, 2 minutes later another, Thy now seem to be 7-21 rather than 5 or 6 - 21 dates now.

7:20PM and we are up to 25 of these old email notifications. IS THERE ANYWAY I CAN STOP THEM ON MY END? I tried shutting off everything "notifications" I could find. If they don't stop I'm going to have to delete my 14 year old account.  :(

I just deleted a bunch as well......

Hi Everyone! 

I woke up to about thirty notifications yesterday morning and, same as you, they continued to come throughout the day, but at a seemingly slower pace.  This morning, there's a whole bunch of them again.  I have reached out Scott Hamilton for help with this so hopefully he can get it straightened out soon.  If I knew how to fix it, believe me, I would!  Thanks for your patience!

Dwayne :)


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