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Scott Hamilton:
I have a 1976 pinto 2 door wagon with 2.8 liter V-6. It needs some very minor repairs. It is all oranginal except  the tires and battery. It has 62000 orignal miles. Would anyone know the value of this car or what would any of you give for this car?

I've seen them sell for between $500 and $1500 depending on the amount of rust and if the paint is original.

I'd agree that $500-1500 would be a good range without getting more details on the car. If the car was in MINT, showroom condition (looks new, smells new :) ), then it might be worth more.

Condition is everything on an old car, so rust would limit the value of a pinto. Location is another factor in the value, as a rust-free pinto would be more on the east coast then on the west coast (where rust-free cars in general are more plentiful).

Why don't you get apparaised? Try looking The Old Auto Trader the may have one the same.

If you had some pictures it'd really help. My dad bought one for $300. Sold it to me for $100. It was in pretty good shape.


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