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Title: T5 Conversion
Post by: flash041 on September 22, 2019, 08:40:18 PM
I am considering swaping out my C4 to a T5 Manual . My car is 78 Crusing Wagon 2.8 V6. What would be the best donor vehicle? I assume a Ranger? What years ?Did any of those come with cable, instead of Hydraulic clutch ? Is there an existing drive shaft that will work with the swap? I also hear the shift hole needed to be enlarged.
Title: Re: T5 Conversion
Post by: Wittsend on September 22, 2019, 11:37:36 PM
Since you are using a V-6 some of this information may not be applicable. I put a 2.3 Turbo with a T-5 both out of an '88 Turbo Coupe in my '73 wagon. The car originally had a 6-3/4" rear and I swapped to a 8".  Assuming the V-6 is in the same position as the 2.3 here is my experience.

1. I had to get an '86 Bell crank style bell housing. The 87-88 Turbo Coupes had the hydraulic.  I was once corrected that a hydraulic can be used in a Pinto but it is not common or as easy. There are other year bell cranks housings and there are also direct pull housings.  I have no idea what type of bell housing is available for the V-6.  You might check over at the British V-8 site as they do a lot of engine swaps over there.
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2. You will need the manual pedal assembly and I've heard there are four different types! Hopefully others can inform you because I had an early car.  I bought the wrong pedals but thankfully the late Fred Morgan traded a set with me.

3. You will need the clutch cable (assuming you use the bell crank style bell housing). The cross member interferes with the placement and you will need to make a bracket to elevate it.

4. Assuming you use the T-5 from a Turbo Coupe the shifter comes up through the floor about 2-3 inches forward and that is where the opening needs to be cut. My experience was that the Turbo Coupe shift had my fist punching the dash in 1st, 3rd and 5th gears. I fabricated a reward extension and cut the shift lever in numerous places (shortening and realigning it) and welded it back together.  Don't take this lightly. It was rather difficult to get the lever to feel like it had proper movement. And, even now it is not ideal but it is far better from where I started.

5.  I used the stock (angled, round) rubber trans mount for the C-4. I took the transmission cross member, reversed the position (front to back) and then elongated the holes as far as you can get them (you need every fraction of an inch). I then used oversize washers to cover the area over the slot.  I also slotted the crossmember to unibody holes but found that wasn't necessary.

6. Because I went from a C-4, 6-3/4" rear to a T-5, 8" rear my original driveshaft fit without alteration (a surprise bonus).

7. I used the original Pinto speedometer gear/housing. The original gear has a short shaft on the end and I recall it might have been for support on the C-4.  On the T-5 there is no such support. When I installed the gear it hit the back wall on the T-5, jammed and this caused the gear on the output shaft to move backwards when I first drove the car.  Getting the output shaft gear back in place was a real pain.  I could not get it to move with prying screwdrivers. By chance I found that a section of an old halogen "torch" light had a large enough ID to go over the output shaft but its OD was small enough to pass inside the tailshaft bearing. I then cut the tip off the original gear and all is well despite the lack of support on the other end.

In your case (V-6) you will also need the proper flywheel, pressure plate, disc, fork and throwout bearing.  I'm not too familiar with a V-6, T-5 swap as it doesn't get mentioned here much, if at all. But, hopefully I've given you some things to factor that are common to both the 2.3 and the V-6.  All the best in your venture.
Title: Re: T5 Conversion
Post by: pinto_one on September 23, 2019, 08:13:35 AM
the 5 speed out of a ranger will not work , Hyd clutch , but all is not lost , you can install a T5 on the V6 but you have to find a mustang II with the V-6 , the trans they used was the T-4 , grand daddy of the T-5  , use that belhousing to bolt in the T-5 ,
Title: Re: T5 Conversion
Post by: PintoTim2 on September 30, 2019, 11:02:02 AM
I have a 1972 Pinto with a 2.8L (2.8i specifically).  I bought the car from a friend who put the motor in originally.   The stock 2.8L transmissions have a very long input shaft due to the 2.8L block having excess casing length on the rear.   The T5 in my car required a custom pilot bearing extension to bring the pilot bearing back enough to fully engage the input shaft.  I don't know the origins of my bellhousing, but I've always assumed all 2.8L transmissions used the long input shafts. I have a non-world class T5, so I assume it has V8 ratios, but I've never figured them out (great driveability).  My friend made custom headers to clear everything & drove it for years like that.  We turbo'd it, so the exhaust is only on the right side now & obviously no clutch cable clearance issues.   hope this info helps.  Rangers used Mazda R1 5 speed transmissions, they don't shift fast and don't take abuse.
Title: Re: T5 Conversion
Post by: flash041 on October 06, 2019, 03:13:14 PM
Thanks for all the info. At this time I decided to keep the C4. Got it back together Friday, and is working fine.