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Steering Shaft Seal


Yesterday I fixed the seal on the steering shaft boot. The original seal, part of the boot, has long since disappeared. I simply used an oil seal, slid it into the boot, and used a hose clamp to secure it. No more unwanted heat at my feet! 

Looks good.  Surprising how some folks can come up with alternative fixes when necessity forces it. Only thing that I have had to work around was the steering rag joint. I bought several that looked real close but not just right until I finally was able to fit up a 70's GM joint from either a camaro or corvette.  Don't remember which it was now though.  Should of went right back and bought another for a spare I guess.

A perfect fix! And you were astute enough to show the seal number. Thanks for sharing.

 It is amazing what a little thought and searching will do. My Sunbeam Tiger actually had a leather seal that packed into the steering shaft. I found a tapered, accordion style seal that fit the outer housing and just barely touched the actual moving shaft. It was something that was used in the electric power distribution world - of all sources.

Creative solution!  Knock on wood, I have been lucky so far with my parts search, but again, none of my searches involved something as obscure as yours.  It is just a matter of when, not if as for having to come up with an alternate, when that happens, I know exactly who I should ask...It'll be you!  LOL.

Happy Motoring!


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