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speedo/cable question -- '80 Bobcat

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Happy Fall, everyone....

Here's my question for today, Boyz and Girlz....  (45K miles '80 Bcat, stock 2.3 + auto)  On a recent 100 mile trip the speedo started to make the old "gerbil-in-exercise-wheel" raspy sound; I assume this is probably (hopefully) dry cable issue..

If anyone knows: Is the cable even serviceable on these??  Is there an inner cable which will slide out of an Outer for a good slathering of grease (or do you have to replace the whole thing?)?  I haven't looked at it yet, really; I assume you have to pull the cluster out to disconnect and remove, etc.. (?)

Having only ever dealt with speedo cables on old GM cars, any Intel will be apprecianated. ... 

Cheers, Gang
David H.

Did you learn anything? Mine goes crazy until it hits 35 mph…you know, the needle would bounce in either direction until it smoothes out at 35-40 mph. I have not addressed it as I was afraid to bite off more than I can chew! Let me know if this is an easy fix or not…can it be done without ripping the dashboard apart? After doing the heater core, I have no desire to do that again, chuckling…

Happy Motoring!

Most speedometer cables are removable. One end will typically slide out but not the other.

1. Disconnect the cable at the speedometer and the transmission.

2. Take great care when removing the cable. The grease may contain graphite and that it VERY difficult to get out of clothing, interior surfaces etc.

3. Use a solvent to clean the inner cable.

4. Use something like Brake Clean with the straw nozzle to clean the cable sheath internally.

5. They make a special grease for speedometer cables. That said I have used a light grease with a degree of success. Grease the whole cable, put it in a large plastic bag (to keep you and it from contamination) and feed it into the cable sheath.

6. It is probably not recommended but I have used a light drop of oil on a chattering speedometer input with success.

7. Sometimes when the inner cable is replaced it is too long. When the connectors are tightened it forces the turning points in the transmission and speedometer to bind. I had that happen when I put the T-5 in my Pinto. It took the drive gear on the main shaft and drove it backwards. Try as I might I could not pry it forward again with screwdrivers through the cable hole. I had pretty much resigned myself to pulling the tailshaft. By happenstance I had the tubes from an old halogen torch light that were popular 20 years ago. It fit perfectly over the main shaft but was thin enough to fit inside the yoke bearing in the tailshaft. And that is why boys & girls I rarely throw things away!

i put a new cable on mine last year,not real hard to do,but if i was gonna take it off i would go ahead and put a new one on.ATP         offers a new one,part # is Y800 sells for like 19 bucks fits all years and transmissions.


I haven't looked at speedo situation yet (not lookin' forward to it) 'cause I may be selling the car.  I'll post what happens....

Anyone, is the trans-end connection fairly accessible? 

And, davidpinto, I did locate that Y800 part, thanks!  (Is that for an AUTOMATIC trans, do ya know.....mbe they're all the same)



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