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Well the 77 squire is history.  It was a major piece of junk. You  name a panel it was rusted.  I took  a loss on it selling it. I'm done with these cars for now. I am starting  a family  and there are things  more important  than a lousy car. Once I sell my house I might locate  a better sedan or wagon but not some rusted piece of junk that should never see the road. This is essentially so long g for now.

Sorry to see you go.  Having a family is an awesome adventure!   Happy adventures ahead !!  Tim G.

I'll be getting another pinto but learned a valuable  lesson. Never buy on emotion.  I didn't lose much as I didn't have more than a tune up and transmission gasket but could have been worse. I will get a good car. It'll be a 77-78 sedan or wagon and in much better shape than others. In the meantime  family is what's important. Can't put a price on time with the kids and girlfriend.

Sorry to lose you, but congratulation s on the family!  I enjoy a lot of things: cars, making music, etc., but family ALWAYS comes first in my book!  Stop in and at least say "hi" every once in awhile!

Dwayne :)

Most definitely. I met my girlfriend in July, around the time I got the car. It was meant to be but the car wasn't. I spend so much time with her and her kids. I don't have time for an extensive project. To make it safe would take a lot of time, money, and ability. I'm short on all at the moment lol.

 It was by far the biggest piece of junk. I would have had to put more into it than it would ever be worth. Every panel needed to be replaced, with the exception of the liftgate. Chrome in bad condition. Seats split or just completely shot. Swiss cheese subframe. Gone wheel wells.

I will sell my house and make some money. Once I'm living with her for a bit I can locate another one in better shape.

It wasn't hard to do at all, which tells me it was the right thing to do. I will get another 77-78. Not getting rid of my stash. That stuff will be put aside for the next car.

I'll be around. Just not in the same capacity. It's not goodbye, but so long for now.


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