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Pinto in new (ish ) movie


Have you seen the movie  " 5-27-77 " .  This movie takes place in 1976/77 and the main character drives ( what looks like a 1974 Red Pinto )

No, but there was burned out Pinto in the movie "REvenge of the Nerds- Spring break."

You see a portion of the Red Pinto in the trailer.

OK, I watched this movie "5-25-77" the other day. The only place I found it was on Showtime..., but now that Paramount+ comes with Showtime that is another route to viewing it. The red Pinto shows up throughout the movie. It is the main characters car.

As to the movie itself, it revolves around a young man who made movies since he was a little kid. It follows his late high school years and his desire to break into the film industry, especially from a special effects perspective. The film is told in "segments" of his life and being it was a rather low budget film that is likely why. My understanding is that this film was shot in the mid 2000's but was released approximately 15 years later in 2022. For the budget it isn't too bad of a film, just not great. I probably give it a little slack being I spent my working career in Film/TV (mostly teaching production). No spoilers here, you have to watch it for yourself.

Don't forget the 5 second cameo in a 1984 movie called Top Secret.
Took a girl to the movie, in a Pinto.  She saw the scene and looked at me horrified!


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