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Author Topic: pinette flexs muscles  (Read 882 times)

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pinette flexs muscles
« on: June 18, 2013, 03:17:06 AM »
howdy pinto peeps,its been a couple of days since my last meeting. uuhh wrong place any whos,pinette and i was sitting at a intersection. i start hearing a throaty growl, i glance to my left and notice the shape of the retro camaro or5th gen. the light changes and off he goes, i just go on .so the camaro slows up as i can catch up. once i next to it he starts hopping the throttle,i just mind my business as we stop at yet another light. i pop my shifter in to neutral and stab the pedal two quickies as if to except his challenge. the light turns he punches it, i leave in a normal i catch up to him i see him with a big cheezy smile as if he thought i was trying to race. i look back at him i blip my pedal once and give him the lets run nod,i pause long enough to see if he wants to go .i pull my shifter down to second and i stood hard on the pedal anticipating the right hand pull of the posi. as i push the shifter into 3rd his head lights were at my quarter windows,by the time i went to o/d i guess they was at center of my back axle and i was still pulling.we finally got caught by another light yep from dead stop,he got the first 20or30'ft  but not far enough in front to see his tail lights .pinette started hooking slowly and pulling with it  by the time i got to third his window was even with mine  but we had to get out of it .if there would have been a line he would of tripped it first.don't matter we did good 350 smallblock with a stock intake a crappy smog laded quadrajet a more then used 700r4  against a ls and a six speed