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Would any Pangra owners out there like to share general info about their Pangras ? It seems these cars had a lot of different  "personal" options as they were built...either by Huntington Ford, or one of the kits. For example: I don't remember seeing the same console/gage cluster on any pics I've seen, not that there's a lot of pics out there.
I'd like to learn more about the other Pangras out there.
Thanks in advance,
73 pangra, non- turbo car

 As the resident Pangra expert I can tell you that ALL the Huntington Ford prepped cars had the same guage pod. They used a "Harmon " digital tach, and stewert warner oil pressure, water temp,volt and boost guage's.
The 2 Original Pangra's I own have the same guages in them and Mike P and the wagon in Jersey have the same guages also. I know that ALL the steering wheels are different ( cant say why)the shift knobs are different and the Recaro seats are simular but the late 72 were all vinal and the 73 had a cloth center section. The motor's were also simular but some came with a Emco waste gate and others with a spearco waste gate, ( Emco went out of bussiness). They were all lowered 2" and had Koni's at all 4's but came with different tires depending on when they were built. I could go on but thats the general info.

thanks for the info Brad. Do you know what size rear brake drums you have ? After getting the wrong brake parts for it, I was prompted to measure the drums. Turns out to be 10". I was figuring the 8" rear end was out of a Mustang II...and it may be, but not with those size drums. Someone had to have upgraded along the way. Brake parts have to be ordered for a 1978-80 Zepher, but the housing itself may be more dated. It is a 4 lug, beyond that .. the I.D. tag is was not attached to the centersection bolts since I've owned it.

 Huh, good question. I know 85-88 cars came with 10" drums and an 88 XR7 had them also. Those cars had either an 8.8 or 7.5 rear end.  ( I think my 89 Capri Turbo RS had a 7.5 4 bolt but dont know if it was 10" drum or not).

hi brad...yup, 10" drum. Wait till I measure the front disc brake tonite, mabey that one is upgraded too ?
A repair of the trunk spare tire well tonight may just have me off the jack stands and cruzin' round the block
for a little check-out run of "all systems". If all works out o.k. i.e. the Weber sidedraft jetting corrections i did work out...I'll mabey be out again this weekend to make an "American iron" showing @ the dragway to chase a few imports at our once-a-month Sport Compact race. There's just waaaay too many Imports out there, and we need to show em that there's a car or two they might have forgotten about built in America.
Don't you think ?!!


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