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 I've taken my Pangra to several Cruzes and most of the folks say " Hey a Pinto, I had one of those in High School, etc. Then you tell them the history of the Pangra and they kinda look at you sideways  :o.  Yes, the Ricers are plentyful but They "almost" all look the same. Most peoplre do not identify a Pinto with anything fast, ( untill they come up to my green 72 that runs 11s in the 1/4.) ;D

 Interesting Pangra fact:  You may or may not know this but the Pangra front fenders are different from the 72 to 73. Now, this is how to tell. The 72's had a "bump" at the fender where the front bumper wraped around the side and the 73's were smooth. Why???. My guess is that it's to hard to mount the front bumper " around " those bumps ( I did this and scraped paint off the bumps). The 73's are easyer. Just so you can see what Im talking about there just so happens to be a Pangra nose on Ebay now. Take a look at the fender under the pop up light and you will see what Im talking about.

that is interesting... my car is a 73, but has the wrap-around bumpers. Obviously..I think..a kit car. But because of the info you gave me earlier, along with some of my own "hunches" ..I figured it had to be a kit car. I ended up buying a fiberglass bumper on ebay last year...just in case i needed it when it comes time to do body/paint work.
Never went for a ride tonight. I need 4 bolts that are 1/2 inch longer for my make-shift battery box repair. This never ends when you buy a car were priorities were not "safety first" and all that boring stuff.  Someone "SCCA" raced this car. The extra mag wheels that were tossed in the car purchase had slicks on all 4, ..sports car slicks they are. And have you ever seen an extra ignition coil "tie-wrapped" to the working coil ?? This stuff I beleive was all prior owner to the person I bought it from. I own the "Shawn's Pangra" on this site.. yup. Shawn's a real nice guy too. I haven't been able to get ahold of him since a month or so since I bought  it though.Wanted to show him how things are coming along, and just say hi, how's the motorcycle you bought with the $ from the pangra sale etc. etc.  Oh well.  I at least has a fair amount of history on the car from him while we were in contact. Just can't jog him memory any more if I wanted to. Guess what I did 1st to the car ? Ripped those dingle balls of the dash  ;D :o   Where did you come across you pangras ??

 Both In southern California about 9 mo's apart. I cant believe it but I was looking for a Pangra for about 10 years and 2  within 1 year was amazing. The car Im working on now was a total wreck. Mice got into it and it was sitting in the sun since 1976 ( low miles). It also was one of ??? ( maybe the only one) that AK Miller outfitted with Propane, yep It even has the yellow sticker on the windshield that allows the dirver to fuel up with out any tax, cool huh.

That's wild ! 2 in one year, and a propane burner too. Who woulda thought ! You still reside in Ca. ?  Any better "pickin's" for decent parts for pintos ? Got doodley squat out her in N.H. , so thanks goodness for ebay and internet. ;)  Got any pics to swap ?
It's 10PM out here, and I'm hittin the sack. Check in when i get to work. That's my e internet cafe !
Thanks for the info and chat...Dan


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