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Our Pinto was posted today on
There are 2 pictures of it!


oops...previou s post had tiny font; don't know why.  This is better.

 There are 2 pictures of it![/size]

Nice, looks like they only feature three cars a month. Congrats on being selected.

Yes, regarding the font going small!!! UGGGHHH!!! I encounter that here at the PCCA and the AMC Forum. It seems to happen if I backspace more than two times and randomly when I Cut N' Paste something. And often it does not show in the typing panel, only after you click Post. It has been like that for all the time I've been here.

 It has to be in the software. Frustrating, but the workaround is highlighting the whole text AFTER YOU HAVE FINISHED TYPING and then select a font size. That can only be done if you select the "Reply" at the bottom, right of the previous post as you can not change the font in the "Quick Reply." Don't even bother trying to onsey/twosy trying to fix the font.  You will only get frustrated. Highlight EVERYTHING and then select the font size.

I like the look of the 77 and 78 grill.  My first Pinto was a 77...

Your Pinto looks perfect, all shiny and detailed!  That color is perfect for the body style; so seventies!!!  Congrats on the acknowledgemen t from your detailer.

Dwayne :)


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