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One Pinto and one Bobcat, both from a museum collection, hit the auction block!!

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I wasn't quite sure where to post this but felt I would be remiss in not sharing the information.  I'd like to clarify that I have no connection to these vehicles, the estate of which they are a part, or the auction house offering them for sale.  I simply stumbled onto these cars online.  According to the auction house, these cars are part of the Bennett Classics Museum collection in Forest City, North Carolina, and are being offered for sale on Saturday, May 21, 2022, without reserve. 

1978 Ford Pinto, chestnut metallic, 4 cyl. automatic.  All original except for one repaint in original color.  37,000 miles showing on the odometer.

1977 Mercury Bobcat Villager wagon, blue, 4 cyl. automatic.  All original.  46,000 miles showing on the odometer. 

Both vehicles appear to be magnificent specimens with lots of pictures available at tommackauction - hard to say what kind of price they might fetch, but if anyone here is looking for a really nice Pinto/Bobcat, these appear to fit that description.  Bids will be accepted online and by phone, as well as in person.  I sure hope they go to a good home!

Dwayne :)

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You did right in sharing this information. Those are VERY clean cars. Yes, hopefully they will find good homes. The collection is quite varied.

I don't know how many people have seen my post, but at least I tried!!!

Dwayne :)

Know what they went for ?

 The auction isn't for a another two days, May 21st. My guess would be over $10K each. There are a few cars that will draw buyers and if the Pinto/Bobcat cars are low enough they will see "meat on the bone" and be bought if only to resell.


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