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There's a youtuber that recently did a 500 mile trip in a rough v6 wagon. The channel name is dylanmcool. Worth a look.

I saw that yesterday. I was going to post but the responding traffic here seems so light..., I hesitated. Here is the link and I cued it a few minutes in. He was making an appeal for tornado victims  at the beginning. That is fine but years from now it will be old news and won't get right to the story.

There was a yellow 77 wagon on another channel. I wont give him credit here because he didnt say much nice stuff about it.

Thanks for that link!   That was pretty entertaining.. ..  My experiences driving 1970 Fords home have had a few issues (pushing the 72 Pinto back to my friend's house to figure out why it died - out of fuel & fuel gauge didn't work) or realizing after 40 minutes that the 1978 RS Mustang alternator wasn't charging the battery & I had another 40 minutes to drive home (it barely made it) - sometimes the alternator gauge IS right. 
  The best was a 1972 Capri - I had no idea what the ISO symbols on the switches ment, no turn signals, shift linkage fell apart, no wipers (drizzle stopped) bad brakes and it barely ran & smelled like mice...  Wife went with me then and got a free dog when I got the car,  the Boarder Collie ended up under her feet in the truck (dog was never was in a car before) and she couldn't push the clutch or brake!
  I chickened out and trailered a 1980 Pinto pickup home (good thing, the C3 died later after I drove it 5 miles), also chickened out on my 78 KC Mustang from N. Carolina & trailered it in August.... Getting smarter ?? It would of made it to Michigan after I learned to SLAM it into 2nd (broken teeth in trans) - or the old tires would of blown...

To me the irony of Dylan McCool's journey was the fact that it was visually obvious the the white back panel on the instrument panel had crumbled away and his comment about Pinto wagon rear shocks being hard to get (they are different on the wagon's from the general sedan). Two major Pinto wagon flaws were exposed right there for the attentive watcher.


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