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Title: new guy working on trading for a 77 wagon
Post by: ccrain on August 01, 2016, 10:31:59 PM
Hey all new to the pinto gang.  I'm 19 years old, been around cars all my life.  I'm mainly a Chevy guy, but every manufacture has a car I like.  Anyway I inherited a 73 hatchback.  Been sitting since 80 something.  Motor locked up,(I4 kent far as I can tell) my grandpa was in middle of putting clutch in and why he quiet who knows lol.  Anyhow I thought it would be a good 302 swap but would like a stock pinto for mpg every thing I own is a gas gussler 15 is the best of everything I own. Anyhow pinto has been on back burner for a few years.  Today I found out my good friend bought a 77 2 door wood grain wagon baby crap green.  Interior looks like new, original radio works. Factory ac, console shifter.  I went over today and checked it out. 2.8 liter automatic.  Sit 10 or so years with a battery it fired up. Heck we drove it down road. Smooth transmission. Anyhow from time I seen it I thought I'd like to have this . about the time I left my buddy said I'll trade you this one for your hatchback. I am seriously thinking about.  He knows I want one to beat around in,something for mpg. He wants one to put a 302 in.  Not a bad trade just mines got the centimental value but if I trade it for something of same nature and can enjoy why not right. So how good are 2.8s, this one has a lifter noise but I figure it should go away after running and a oil change. Any input greatly appreciated.
Title: Re: new guy working on trading for a 77 wagon
Post by: DBSS1234 on August 02, 2016, 08:34:21 AM
In my humble opinion there is nothing wrong with the 2.8 engine. As for your lifter noise, these engine have solid lifters so you will have some lifter noise. These engines got a bad reputation due to the fact that they have solid lifters and no one ever adjusted them, then they complained when they had valve issues. If you need the valve adjustment specs. let me know and I can get them for you.
Title: Re: new guy working on trading for a 77 wagon
Post by: russosborne on August 02, 2016, 09:39:33 AM
Sentimental is a good reason to keep the 73.
Here are a couple of reasons to get rid of it.
Front suspension. Pretty much a one year deal. Hard to get parts for from what I hear. the 74 and up have the Mustang II suspension, parts galore.
Manual trans isn't the best and can be hard to get parts for (this is true of all Pinto's with manuals) especially the shifter.
Hard to swap a V8 into, engine compartment is quite a bit smaller than the 74 and up. Most people end up cutting the radiator support to accomplish this.

Now, most think the pre big bumpers cars (73 and earlier) are better looking. Although you can swap the small bumpers onto the later years. Or tuck the big bumpers in. And the front end is different. Really depends on what you think is better looking.

The V6 isn't a bad engine. I had a 75 Mustang II that had that engine and auto trans. It was alright. Not a V8 sort of fun, but it was a good driver. And it would be much easier down the road to swap a V8 in if you wanted to later.

I would probably do the swap if I was in your situation, but I admit I would have a hard time getting rid of my grandpa's car. He would think I was being an idiot though.  ;D

Title: Re: new guy working on trading for a 77 wagon
Post by: dga57 on August 02, 2016, 12:37:25 PM
I think Russ laid it out for you about as well as anybody could.  Only YOU can decide how much sentimentality is worth to you.  All the points he mentioned regarding the 1973 Runabout are true; probably the worst possible year to own when it comes to finding parts.  Good luck with whatever you decide!

Dwayne :)
Title: Re: new guy working on trading for a 77 wagon
Post by: 65ShelbyClone on August 02, 2016, 10:17:29 PM
I thought '73s only had a different steering rack and the rest of it was the same as '71-72?

Personally, I would keep the '73 and track down a 2.0 to put in it.