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I REC'D A LETTER YESTERDAY FROM MY COUNTY TAX DEPT.IT HAS A QUESTIONAIR FORM ASKING FOR INFORMATION FOR TAX PURPOSES FOR THE PINTO I'M SURE.                                                                                                                                                     
                                                       HOW MUCH I PAID FOR IT?                                                                                             
                                                       WHAT CONDITION?           
                                                       HOW MANY MILES ON IT?
                                                       WHAT IMPROVEMENTS? 
                                                       WHAT COLOR? COND.OF PAINT?
                                                       ESTIMATED VALUE?(PRICELESS) TO ME.

Sounds like they want you to "pay your fair share". 

Sounds like a scam to us.

Here in Calif. those fees all get rolled into the yearly registration. They assume the value of your car drops so over time they yearly go down from about $600 on a $40,000 (new) car. But I can tell you that the very bottom cost registration is now $148. I just registered my '61 Corvair Station Wagon and there was a list of about 10 different fees that were 'tagged on' to the actual registration cost. I think they added up to somewhere between $20-$30 of the total cost.

As the government goes deeper into debt you will be expected to pay higher taxes and fees on the credit card they say they have been running up on your behalf. While there are roughly 350 million people in the country only 161.5 million are wage earners. If all debt was to stop and accrue no interest those 161.5 million wage earners would still have $217,000 EACH in debt to pay off.

 Assuming a person works 45 years of their life and to fairly as possible spread the debt out, the debt should be paid in 22.5 years. The additional  tax for EACH wage earner to pay the 22.5 year debt would be $9,644 yearly, $804 monthly or  $201 weekly. If you are a husband and wife double those numbers for your household ($19,288 yearly, $1608 monthly, and $402 weekly respectively). And think about it taking Trillions out of the economy to stop debt and miraculously having no interest payments are pipe dreams that will never occur. So, the situation is far worse than it seems. And then there is the dwindling Social Security fund... . This is not meant to be a rant or be political. It is just true numbers about why things cost what they do. Think of it as a 'word math problem'.

In Virginia, older cars eventually age out of being taxed (at least in my County).  I own a '72 Pinto Squire wagon and a '74 Pinto Runabout and, while I still have to declare annually that I have them, purchase price, etc., they are not subject to Personal Property Tax like my '20 Ram Limited and my '22 Mercedes-Benz are.  Taxes on those two were about $1800
for 2023 which is high for this area (but they were both expensive vehicles) but probably a fraction of what they'd be if I lived in California!  I obviously have no plans to relocate.

Dwayne :)


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