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Author Topic: More Pinto Love  (Read 903 times)

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More Pinto Love
« on: March 02, 2012, 12:10:03 AM »
Yesterday when I went to the bank to deposit my paycheck a guy came up to use the atm next to me. He asked me if that red Pinto was mine. Naturally I grinned and answered in the affirmative. He was really jazzed about seeing one and wanted to buy Ruby off of me. Well I had to let him down but he REALLY wanted a '71 because that was the year he was born, and I couldn't blame him- I want a '72... the year I was born! lol. I told him about, so he might join us soon.

Today I had to take care of some business trying to save my home from foreclosure, so I took the day off. While I was waiting at the bank for fax confirmation I overheard one of the tellers talking to a customer and my otherwise apathetic ears caught that sweet word "pinto" and before I could blink I was beaming! These two ladies went on about how you never saw them anymore, how one's mom had a powder blue one, while the other drove a dark brown one... I was WILLING them to glance my way... just once! While these two were talking another customer joined in the Pinto talk... then, alas, my confirmation came, and I was compelled to leave. Sigh... but in a happy way.

THEN I went to Petsmart because I (always! lol) need cat food and litter (imagine that, having 8 cats and always needing food and litter for them all) and as I loaded the booty the guy whose car was parked next to mine was also jazzed about Ruby... then he mentioned that terrible episode of Top Smear and we both ranted! lol

I'll tell you... this car makes people smile... which makes ME smile! ;D
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