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LED lights


This is from the FB group from Chris Hobbs. Just sharing so its in the forum for future reference.

Bulb swap info. Here is what I did. 1980 Pinto Base. 2.3. Manual.

Reverse Lights: White LED 1156.  No Resistor Needed. Pick up at local parts store or Amazon.

Brake/Running Light/Turn: Red LED 1157 WITH RESISTOR BUILT IN the bulb to avoid wiring in a resistor and eliminate hyper flash. Yes More expensive but in my opinion worth it. I chose LASFIT LED LIGHTING T3-1157R.

Front Running Light/Turn: Amber LED 1157 WITH RESISTOR BUILT IN to avoid hyper flash and having to wire in a resistor. Yes More expensive but worth it. LASFIT LED LIGHTING T3-1157A.

Bought LASFIT on Amazon.

I noticed on the instrument panel the light flashes actually at a fraction slower  LED versus incandescent. No Hyper Flash.

Emergency Flashers work.

No need to change the Flasher Relay.

Sidemarkers : LED 194. No resistor needed. Pick up at local parts store or Amazon.

Incandescent bulbs are old, dingy, dull light.
LED brightens things up.

I intend to change instrument display to LED and they are bulb 194. 168 can be swapped with 194.

My patio has become my garage to go thru this car and bring it back to road-worthy. Ignore the mess.

Hope this helps someone as you all have been much help to me.  Thank you.

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Looks like a nice upgrade for my Mustang.  Especially the dash lights...they are quite dim.  Thank you for sharing.

Great information! Thanks!

Dwayne :)


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