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Author Topic: junkyard near Denver has pintos  (Read 74 times)

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junkyard near Denver has pintos
« on: October 04, 2019, 11:15:20 PM »

Last week I found myself in need of junkyard parts. 40 miles North of Denver in the town of Decono is Speedway Wrecking. It is a one man operation run by Greg. He has not received any new stock for 30 years. It is all old stuff. He has over 20 pintos. These cars are well picked over but some gold can still be had.
Most instrument clusters on 76 pintos have turned to dust. I found that 77 clusters will work in a 76 and he had 2 of them two years ago.  If you try it, be sure that the connector plug has the same number of splines. He also has narrow bumpers, light bezels and chrome trim. He is only open on Saturdays but will take a phone call 6 days a week. He has very little traffic and I would bet most of the pintos are still in the condition I saw them two years ago.
The cars are 200 yard from the gate. I am disabled now and can't get stuff myself anymore. I needed a hatchback hinge. My door latch stem lost the plastic sleeve and it does not work right anymore.
I called Greg, sent him a photo of what I needed. 1 hinge and 2 stems were $25 plus $10 shipping. He pulled the parts, packaged and shipped for $35. I would have paid much more.
The phone number is 720-938-4055   He has thousands of cars, not just pintos.
Good luck
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