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Jade Pinto on eBay

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Starting bid $8,000, 17,000 miles.
Reserve on it.
It's in NY area.

Or maybe this one on eBay is NOT Jade....I could be mistaken. Doesn't Jade have around 400 original miles? At any rate, a great car to drive around town on St. Patrick's day!

I believe the new owner wrote that he intended to drive it.

"Jade" was a 1979 Pinto. The Ebay car is a 1973. (scroll down on page).

Thanks for the link.
The article had a sarcastic tone, and I don't agree with his statement, "The Pinto was not known for its great styling." He's nuts! One lady looking at my car exclaimed, "This Pinto is stinking adorable!"  That says it all!
Anyway, I'm watching the green one on eBay; no bids yet. (Wonder what the blue round thing is sticking out of the driver side air vent)


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