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Jade Pinto on eBay

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looks like an air freshener.

The eBay green pinto didn't sell, reserve not met.
Starting bid $8,000 and bidding didn't even make it up to $9,000.
Only 2 bidders as well.
On a brighter note, a Corevett owner got all excited today about my Pinto!

I was at a light and a guy with a tricked out pickup honked his horn and motioned me to roll down my window. Then he said "You are a cool guy and that's the coolest car I have ever seen." I corrected him. I said I am just a regular guy, the rest is true.Bill

Thanks for telling us that conversation exchange; brought a big smile to our faces, and agree with your Deuteronomy verse!
I just see the 1973 Pinto is back on eBay listed at $9,500 or best offer.
It will probably go this time. If I had the garage space I'd buy it.

"Gorgeous!" Was the description I heard today at a stoplight, and it wasn't me they were talking about!


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