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I thought I had a plan....

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of what I was going to do to my wagon.
I was going to put a turbo motor in it. Lately though Ive been rehashing the idea of a V8.
May be if I drive a V8 Pinto and a turbo Pinto to compare them I could make up my mind. Hint Hint :)
I still have some time before I start collecting parts for an engine swap. Im going to rebuild the suspension first.  I figure the coil springs will be the only thing I would lose money on if I go with a V8. Unless I can use the same springs?

What would you do?

I had the same problem!  I even had a turbo motor ('86Merkur) tranny, loom, computer and all.....i just kept changing my mind. In the end i decided to stick with my 351w that was already in my car, rebuild it a convert to EFI. Turbo 4 is way cool, but my car was already set up for the V8 so i decided to stick with it. My front springs are Mustang II V8 units. If you put them in and decide to run a 4'll be riding high i think.

Well I went with the turbo. Its been a long road and learned a lot from mistakes, but I'm glad I went with the 4 banger. My goal from the start was to make it a street sleeper that looked (and sounded) 100% stock. Right now it runs 14s but my long term goal is to get it into the 12s. The motor looks a little different then the pic. I put the Turbocoupe intercooler back on.

Pic of car..looks stock to me ;D

Yup....thats got "sleeper" writen all over it! I was going to redo my engine, esslinger aluminum head, hybred T3T4, i was going to do it right, i wanted 400 hp from it! Then i thought hey i have two Garrett T3's why not twin turbo the 351! I had the turbos rebuilt and was working on redoing the engine, and ended up getting a good deal on one that had hyperutectic pistons and couldn't put the boost to them, so its just a naturally aspirated 351.  Next time, i'd do the 2.3 turbo for sure!


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