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Author Topic: I think I sold my Pinto too Cheap  (Read 830 times)

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I think I sold my Pinto too Cheap
« on: August 13, 2020, 02:04:04 PM »
If you look at the classifieds I had the 1980 White Pinto with 31K miles in Cromwell Ct.
I posted it 2 days ago on Craigslist, I had 9 people make appointments to buy it.
The first person came by looked at it gave me $5000 in cash and drove it home.
My wife is crying that I sold it, I having some regrets, but I know I need to down size.
I do have another Pinto a 1979 Wagon with 46000 miles.
I also have 6 other cars to maintain.

I just thinking it sold to fast, maybe I should of asked for more $$$

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Re: I think I sold my Pinto too Cheap
« Reply #1 on: August 17, 2020, 11:47:58 PM »
We think it sold for about the right price. We have a 78 with 31,000 original miles, and in solid condition, sounds very similar to what yours was. When we sell, $5,000 is likely what we'd ask for it. In regard to thinking you could have gotten more money for it....maybe, maybe not. And keep your eyes on what your goal was: to downsize, and you accomplished this. In regard to Craigslist, it's pretty much turned into a joke with mostly loonies inquiring. You say 9 people made appointments to buy it? Without looking at it first? Half of those folks were likely planning to scam you, and/or never show up to look at it. High ticket items like a $5,000 car invite those types of people to make your life miserable.  Be greatful it sold fast and for your full asking price.  I bet the buyer was tickled pink with likely went to a great home and someone who appreciates it and will care for it.  Now it's off your plate with one less vehicle to babysit. Was your wife crying because that pinto was her favorite? (When the day comes we sell our pinto, I will cry, too. It's handling the AZ heat ok so far). But, we think you did OK so rest easy and don't let regret eat at you. 

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Re: I think I sold my Pinto too Cheap
« Reply #2 on: August 18, 2020, 12:16:28 PM »
If you have six other cars to maintain what was the reason to keep those over the 31K Pinto? I mean if selling it would have brought my wife to tears I'd be more concern about that than what I got for it.

BTW, don't look at what people are asking for their cars. Asking prices are ridiculous. Some alcohol filled buyer at Barrett Jackson pays a ridiculous price for a pristine Pinto 'they just have to have' and everyone else thinks their marginal to complete basket case it worth 80% of that far overpaid for car. I see what should be a sub $500 Pinto sit on Craigslist for YEARS at $2,000. The wheels are off and it is sitting on the ground. The hood is off, the carburetor is missing (water/sand in engine), the interior is toast, the glass is broken, the panels dented, there is no title! Really, do they think there is a buyer willing to pay a premium for that?

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Re: I think I sold my Pinto too Cheap
« Reply #3 on: September 06, 2020, 06:26:13 PM »
You may have sold it too cheap, she was a beautiful hatchback, but your goal was to downsize and there's a lot to say for a problem free cash deal, as mentioned above there are a lot of nuts out there trying to just get your stuff or worse. I'd say you didn't do bad.

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Re: I think I sold my Pinto too Cheap
« Reply #4 on: November 14, 2020, 11:45:53 AM »
I did see your ad back then when I was trying to find one as I had A Pinto as my first car...I passed on it as I wanted a wagon. However, I became so frustrated with my search and returned to your ad to reconsider. It was already sold. I remembered cursing myself about how fast they sell for, and cursed once again when I saw your car on another website marked up for twice the price. That was my experience with several Pintos that were in similar condition as yours, so I relented and offered the higher price as I wanted one...luckily, the deal fell through as the seller refused to use escrow as my terms of the sale. Few days later, I found one priced at 5000 and when I called the elderly lady, she told me she was bewildered by number of callers offering her much more than the asking price when she told them. I sighed and told her that I would not be able to match their offer and shared my story of my first Pinto (see my pandemic project blog under this sites forum page). She decided to sell it to me as she felt it was going to a good home and declined the 5000 offer by countering with a 4500 asking price. She added that at her advanced age, money isn't all that important, but people's dreams...nice lady! I agreed to keep the name she gave the Pinto, Orange Blossom! I had a front plate designed in matching colors with the name.

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