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I made some Pinto Cookie Cutters - thought you guys would get a kick out of them

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This made my day and brought the biggest smile to my face!
Love it!

george graves:
Ha!  Thanks!  I'm glad you like it. They are also really fun to make with kids - they LOVE it.

They have Pinto, Chevette, Probe, Fox Body Mustang, but no Vintage Mustang!  I sent them a note asking if they may consider that in the future.

george graves:
Thanks Rob.  Yes, "they" is me. :) I'm a one-man band in this.

I have about 250 cookie cutters so far, and an odd thing I noticed is that some of the muscle car guys, almost take offense at their cars being made into the form of a cookie.  So Mustangs are low on my list.  I recently did a very obscure car (the Ford/Merkur XR4Ti) and that one car that most people don't know exists, outsold the entire Corvette series. Odd right?

The car world is full of twists and turns for sure.  It's almost like there are people that *love* their car, and people that don't love their car but rather love what their car says about them.  At least that's what I've found.  (end rant)


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