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Hazard Lights on 1978 Pinto


How do I activate the hazard lights on my 1978 Pinto?  I see the hazard switch on the right side of the steering column, but it doesn't move when I try to engage it. It appears to be just an up and down switch but it doesn't move.  Am I missing something?  I googled it but nothing helpful surfaced. Thx.

Pull out to turn on. Push in to turn off. Not up and down. If it moves up/down and nothing happens when you pullout perhaps it has become disconnected/broken.

If you can't get them to work and the turn signals work shouldn't be the flasher since I believe there is only one common flasher. However they do use different  fuses. The hazard lights share a fuse with the brake lights which I believe is fuse # 10. So if stop lights work, not the fuse. Hopefully pulling out on the switch will be the solution.

Pull out to turn on. Push in to turn off. Not up and down.

Hey, thx!! that worked.  For some reason, it just wasn't intuitive to me!
Flasher lights work perfectly. Thx!


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