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Has the Pinto world stopped rotating?

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I know we have discussed it before... but what is happening to our Pinto site? I just went and looked. There have been only 22 posts on 7 different threads in the past 31 days. And I use 31 days because on this very site if a thread hasn't been active for 31 days there is a red lettered notification that you are posting to an old thread.

More so, years ago there was a LOT of discussion about repairing our Pintos.  It was technical discussion. It was "Car Guys" talk. While still Pinto related a fair amount of the discussion seems to be about secondary matters and not to the repair and modification of our Pintos. These 7 threads are:

Rotors (a reasonable but expensive) modification most likely don't have the money for
Coffee Mugs
An apology from a member who was replying to a post I made 3-1/2 years ago (that says something about activity right there) that they had never thanked me for the information I provided (no offense and no apology need)
A Pinto that was sold (did we lose another one?)
My posting about Part 2 of a Pinto video
Engine mounts for a V-8 swap that sadly seemed to indicate the the Mustang II part are hard to come by
A Pinto that was still for sale (are we losing another one?)

The two threads that were technical were about modifications (not regular Pinto repairs). Two were about cars sold (or not) and the rest were secondary matters. The PCCA is the only specific Pinto site I am aware of. There seems to be no competition. Two sites that I frequent for other cars I own (Corvair and Studebaker) have similar total build number to the Pinto (2-3 million). These sites compete with at least one major and other minor sites. They also have competition with Facebook etc. (a sited reason for decline here). Yet these sites get more activity between 8am and noon on any given day than we are getting here in 31 days! Why???

So, I guess my questions are is Pinto ownership such a waning interest and it shows in the participation? Are Pinto owners apathetic to make the effort to post? Effort was made to create and maintain this site. The work Dwayne does behind the scenes has been monumental. But, if we Pinto owners don't make use of what has been provided then we are letting a treasure languish. My apology if I seem to be coming down hard. I just remember how active this site was back in 2007 when I first joined.

well,i'm still here.i check the site every day when i get home.haven't had a lot to say since i haven't had to work on mine in a while .she's ' right and tight ' to quote COUNTS KUSTOMS. i haven't drove it in a while since the weathers been not so good,can't stand to get her dirty.every day some body asks... where's your pinto ? just waiting on spring ,won't be long.

It saddens me when, nearly every day, I log on and find no one has posted since my last time.  I suspect a bit of that could be due to projects garaged and on hold throughout the Winter months, but that certainly can't account completely for the inactivity.  I personally do not go on the Facebook Pinto site(s) but I know some of our folks have defected to that medium instead of being here.  Another factor is that some of our most prolific posters of the past have since passed away.  I still firmly believe that we have a wealth of archived technical Pinto information that no other site can replicate.  That said however, we can't force people to participate.  It's hard to say how long we can hang on with these circumstances but I'm in it for the long haul... so as long as Scott and the rest of the board are committed to keeping it going, I plan to remain as active and engaged as I can. 

Dwayne :)

I check the site most days too.   My first Pinto project stalled at the painting stage (been that way for more years than I want to admit to).   Need to get the '72 painted one way or another....  So basically, I'm good at collecting parts, just not good at finishing anything!   The swap meets I go to have been dwindling in size from sellers and buyers - The All Ford Columbus Swap in Ohio is really shrinking.  People there say it's the internet - but parts on Ebay seem to be less and less too....   I've found LOTS of great info on this site, hope it stays active.

One of the Mustang II sites disappeared a few years ago and all the forum info was lost.

1972 Wagon:
Although I don't post much, I also check the site everyday. Even though I have very limited mechanical ability, I enjoy reading about other people's Pinto projects and upgrades. My mechanic only agrees to work on my Pinto if I hunt for the parts and get repair suggestions so I frequently search the archives for needed information. I am also on a horse carriage driving site. Over twenty years ago when I started driving my horse, the site was heavily used. Once Facebook came along, many people switched over to the FaceBook site and the original site has pretty much ground to a halt. I prefer the non-FaceBook site. Hopefully there are others like me who don't often contribute but are faithful readers. Without this site, my Pinto would still be sitting in my garage not running.


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