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Has the Pinto world stopped rotating?

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i have built a dozen or so pintos with various drivetrains over the last 40 years and i dont remember how many i have posted on here as i dont have pictures of the first  5 or six but i will look back at what i can find of the most  recent ones and see what i can post about them ,, i still have the V6 pinto on the left but not the 351 version on the right .. i can dig up reasonable facsimiles of my old stuff and post them i due time ..  BOB Glidden had a big influence of my pinto building in the late 70`s and early 80`s ..   

I'm still here & check the site every couple days.

Not working as much the last couple years, so lack cash for the cars.....

Hoss429:   I'd be interested in the details of your V6 early Pinto.   My '72 has a Cologne V6 (2.8i) in it.  The previous owner (a friend of mine) pulled a 2.0 Turbo motor out because he liked the mechanically injected 2.8i in a buddy's Capri.  The front crossmember of my car is from a Mustang II with the v6 motor mounts and a chain as a roll restrictor.  The 2.8is are pretty rare in the US, so it's unique that way.  There's a T5 (NWC) attached with an adapter for the "short" input shaft to hold the pilot bearing.   The bellhousing I think is from a Mustang II, but I'm not positive.

i am ashamed to admit that my V6 is a 4.3  chevy engine .. i wanted a 3.8 ford but it was just not feasible  to make fit even though i have built a dozen V8 cars ,, i looked back thru thousands of posts but could not find a picture of the engine ..this 4.3 though has been the best engine i have ever owned   .. it`s been in the car for 22 years  now and never a moments problem and will do some impressive burnouts .. 

  I too have noticed how quite this forum has become.  I check in here daily but have to admit that I am also part of the problem since I have gotten pretty lazy about posting and have become pretty much just a lurker.  I need to take some photos of how my wagon has been slowly progressing over the years since I first acquired it.  Back then I posted some that showed the truly sad state it was in.  I have only worked on it a little at a time as money allowed.  I will try to get off my butt and post a few photos if the weather will give me a chance.


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