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Has the Pinto world stopped rotating?

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Last started my B2 engine car last fall (Oct).

Finally got time to start it this year. Last time all settings were set.
ie: floats & fuel press. etc.
Started it up & was running "funny"......both float bowls were low & fuel press. was at 3 lbs. Was set at 6.5 lbs.
Set everything again & runs better......ex cept the MSD dizzy.
I went up (down) to the smallest stop (red) and I'm still not getting enough advance. Stops ( no matter which stop I have in) at (about 30 degrees. Need it to go to 36-38.
Instructions are not helping. So going to ask MSD how to get this done.
This is the first car I've ever had an MSD (6AL).

I also will need some new gas. Mine is 2 years old. Hate to think of the price now. Last was $4.00 LT !


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