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Author Topic: graffiti carshow  (Read 814 times)

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graffiti carshow
« on: June 09, 2012, 02:02:43 PM »
hello everbody last nite was the modesto ca. graffiti car show with over 100 cars crusing the famous cruise area made famous by george lucas american graffiti movie.i magage to get in the parade in my wagon.its always good when your next to the chevy guys 55 57 etc.this weekend will be a weekend car show at modesto college campus and the rest of the month is all grafit car shows cruise in,and nothing but cars.local a-w rootbeer drivein right off the curise area has elivis marlin monre lookalikes on the some thumb ups for the pinto.also this was my yougher sons first big car show event and he took close to 100 pics on my iphone.his favorites was a mach1 and boss 302 and even found a deloran back to the furture car.later when to a local resturant velet creamery and mcdonals over 200 cars there alot of pinto stories from folks who use to have them. all in all alot of fun with the wagon.  chris in  central ca. home to american graffiti 8)
77 wagon auto 2.3  wagons are the best and who knew I like flames on a pinto!!!!