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Gas gauge finally fixed

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Erratic gas gauge started last summer...Final ly got it addressed and it appears fixed.
The 2 mechanics at the shop said this was the CLEANEST Pinto they have ever seen!
The problem may or may not have been caused by a creased/dented gas tank. What!? How did the tank get dented?? We saw the crease when the car was up in the air at the shop: it looked as if someone used a tire jack on the gas tank. No scratches or scrapes, just bent upward into tank interior. How did that happen?! We'll never know. Was the dented gas tank the cause of the malfunctioning sending unit, or the defective sending unit the culprit? It's an academic question at this point, I guess. At any rate, both the sending unit and tank got fixed. We bought the car 16 years ago....has it always had a dented gas tank? You'd think some mechanic through the years would have noticed it. There's so much ambiguity in this world, huh?

Gas gauge working fine but now it kills on me. A new fuel pump was installed a few weeks ago and the mechanic did some carb and choke adjustments. It idles really rough, and then kills. The mechanic says he can come to our house and get it to his shop about 6 miles away. We'll see...I'd feel better if it was towed in. It's only a 31,000 mile car. But at least the gas gauge is working!

I'm wondering it the fuel hoses on what I assume was a new gas tank fuel sender or the connectors at the replaced fuel pump are loose and air is sucking in the line. A good rule of diagnosis is to go back to the last things changed.

I'll definitely keep you posted! With all the money and maintenance we've put into the car to keep it right and tight, it should be purring like a kitten.
Appreciate your feedback!

Can finally give an update after a week in the shop: Recently installed fuel pump was operating correctly. Carburetor had a large vacuum leak, internal and external. Accelerator pump was dripping. Rebuilt carburetor and replaced EGR gasket. Mechanic said that all the additives in today's fuel really does a number on carburetors. No problems driving it home...yeah!


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