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Finally spotted one in the wild again.


I haven't seen another Pinto with my own eyes since probably 2016 or 2017. I actually didn't know there were any other running examples in Lancaster, CA, but here we are.

This one was seen Friday. It is like a blue version of mine except for the half hatch. It's an early car, five-lug rear of some kind, battery box in the hatch exactly where I put mine, and what looked like a 2.3T/T5 swap with a '87-88 Thunderbird intercooler. The Pinto Barn's instagram has photos of it in stock form from 2014. I waited a while for someone to come out, but they didn't before I had to be somewhere.  :(

I felt the same way about three years ago when I saw a Pinto coming toward me, which is an oddity in the rust belt on Upstate NY.  I couldn't believe I was seeing one on the road and driving and not at a car show.  It wasn't a prime example, but it was on the road!  I found it again at its residence and left my name and number on his door letting him know that I was going to have parts available that he would be welcome to.  We connected and have become Pinto Buddies.  I sold him my windshield for $50, and gave him the shell once I had everything off it that I needed.  He no longer has his but is now a Mustang II guy...kind of the same thing.  While my project won't be a Pinto, it will have enough Pinto "guts" to qualify as being of Pinto heritage!

My less than visually appealing (bad paint) Pinto is the only one at Cars & Coffee the past 5+ years I've been going. There was one guy who had a Pinto that showed up..., m-a-y-b-e twice in all those years. I use to think of the Pinto as the American VW Bug. They were everywhere. Anyway, I'll be parked between pristine early Camaro's and Tri five Chevy's (or Ferrari) and my ratty Pinto gets a lot more attention. Everyone seems to have a "Pinto Story." The duct on the hood for the '88TC factory intercooler peaks their interest.

I had a white 77 wagon.  It got me through three years of Navy and 2 years of college.  I had to do a lot of work to keep it going but it was easy to work on and fairly dependable.


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