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Exploding Pinto is a Myth...Pinto Fires, NOT!

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Scott Hamilton:
Yet another confirmation that our cars were safer than most of that era/class.
"What many people don't realize is that the public preoccupation with the Pinto as a death trap was based largely on a myth. Motorists didn't die by the hundreds. In fact, the Pinto was as safe or safer than many of the cars in its class. But the idea, given weight by the seemingly callous cost-benefit analysis of the Pinto Memo, cemented the idea that Ford had knowingly produced and sold a time bomb without regard for consumer safety. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) ultimately demanded the recall of the Pinto."

We need someone to write a narrative with facts that can be confirmed about this and post it on our site where search index's can get it out there. We can also include the many links of similar articles on the net. Your Site ( holds a unique key in searches about the Pinto and especially about the Explosion premise. We could make a serious dent the public percention (at least on internet searches) with our information forefront on most searches. This can only increase our cars value...
What do you guys think?

I think that would be a great idea Scott. It would help the public perception of the car, especially since a lot of people do have their own "Pinto story" and still like the car to this day. Easier to get looks out of a beat up Pinto than a classic Mustang.

Scott Hamilton:

--- Quote from: r4pinto on August 21, 2012, 10:46:09 AM ---Easier to get looks out of a beat up Pinto than a classic Mustang.

--- End quote ---

You are right about that Matt...

Norman Bagi:
I personally would love to see this site promote the fact that the Pinto is not a death trap over appologizing for the Pinto.  This site is number one in google searches on the pinto and is a great platform for correcting popular opinion.  I have spent allot of time fighting the myths vs. the facts over the past few years, many people told me we could not change the story, it is written.  But in using the Stampede as a platform I and we (there are more than just one Stampede organizer or participant)  have been very successfull getting quality print to say that the Pinto was not a death trap.  NY Times, Ny Daily News, Wall Street Journal, Times News Herald, Kansas City Star, Denver Post, Etc, Etc, Etc.  The new story is now, the pinto was a better car than previously believed. Not to mention the television and radio broadcasts that many of us have been a part of.  We have nothing to appologize for and need to set the record straight. Of course we will not change everyones mind, but stories like the one above are in my opinion a direct result of the work we have done so far.  Let's keep the pressure on and defend our beloved Pinto's.

What Norm Said - I have to say... I hear more of the... not a bad car, blown out of proportion, and they didn't really blow up than the other way these days. 5 years ago I had to put a fire extinguisher in front of my car at the shows just to shut up half of them, almost quit the shows cause it just felt like "pick on the Pinto day" and now.... no more fire extinguisher and more positive comments. You still have the negative comments, that will never stop but... it's a swinging the other way and much more positive experience. It's nice to see the Pinto get a little respect vs. the days gone by...


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